I am an outspoken advocate…

for economic development and diversification, education, healthcare, culture, and accountability. These items have become the staples of essentially every new campaign ad; however I have a track record of working with fellow elected leaders to move the Tribe forward and get results in these areas.

Many new campaigns have emphasized the word “Change.” Without positive action:

“Change for change sake does not always result in progress."

Campaign promises are not worth the paper that they are printed on. Our Tribe is in need of leadership that focuses on placing the membership first and getting results.

The Tribe has made tremendous progress, and while progress is not always pretty, it has yielded positive results for our Membership.

Over the past 3 +years, Our Tribe has:

  • Re-established an Economic Development department that is steadily progressing in to new diverse business opportunities for our Tribe (Billboards, Storage Units, Dealerships, Trailer Park).
  • Added an annual Cola for our Employees, as well as 401k Matching contributions
  • Amended Tribal code to ensure that Children’s Tribal Cards do not expire
  • Enhanced educational opportunities for our Tribal Membership with new Tribal Tax revenues, grant funding, and the hard work of Staff Members fundraising abilities.
  • Enhanced and expanded the Joseph K. Lumsden Bahweting School by adding nearly 35,000 square feet (New gymnasium and Middle School) – paid for from school lease revenues.
  • Enhanced our Land Holdings and water access with hundreds of new acres of Tribal Land
  • Adopted amendments to Tribal Code, Chapter 70: Criminal Procedure to incorporate VAWA into our Tribal Laws
  • Adopted Chapter 15, Tribal Freedom of Information Act
  • Reduced the Tribes debt to just over $7 million for Northern Casino Operations with a projected pay off date of 2020.
  • Commenced the defense of our Treaty Fishing Rights well in advance of the 2020 Consent Decree.

While these are not the only accomplishments of Our Tribe, it should be noted that No one individual has made these changes alone they were achieved by the Board of Directors working collectively to achieve results. While I have introduced large amounts of legislation to move our Tribe forward, they do not work without the support of others.

If elected, I will continue to push forward with members of the board that wish to be progressive. I will also continue to work with members of the Board to ensure that we become innovative in our approach to economic diversification, membership services, and stepping out of the non progressive box that we were once appear confined within.

Please use one of your two votes on a candidate that delivers positive change based upon results and active involvement, not mere political promises.

Please consider casting one of your votes for me,


DJ Hoffman